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If you want to execute more CICS Transactions in one UOW using HIS 2010, be aware that the behavour changed from HIS 2006 to HIS 2010.

In both cases you need to set up a Remote Environment using SyncPoint and you have to use the Distributed Transaction Coordinator.

The important change is that in HIS 2006, the CICS Transactions are executed by default in the same UOW on the Host.

In HIS 2010 you have to use the “Persist Connections” property in the Client Context in order to execute the CICS Transactions in the same UOW.

Be aware that if you migrate (using the TIConverterTool) your TI Objects from HIS 2006 to HIS 2010, the new Client Context (with Persist Connections) is not used ! You need to recreate or resave the TI Objects so that the new Client Context is taken in account !

Important : You need HIS 2010 CU2 in order to get this work 🙂


You have a computer that is running Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006 or Host Integration Server 2004. When you configure the computer to use an IP-DLC link service to communicate with an IBM mainframe, an access violation may occur in the snaipdlc!nba_mm_free function. This problem can occur when a network outage occurs between the Host Integration Server system and the IBM mainframe.

When this problem occurs, the IP-DLC link service cannot reestablish a connection to the IBM mainframe until the SNA Server service (Snaservr.exe) is stopped and restarted.

Additionally, event messages that resemble the following event messages are logged in the Application log:
Event message 1

Event ID: 590
Source: SNA IP-DLC Link Service
Description: Failed to contact a DLUS for PU. Retry count exceeded. PU name = @C000001
Event message 2

Event ID: 624
Source: SNA Server
Description: Creating dump file E:\Host Integration Server\traces\snadump.log for snalink.exe
Event message 3

Event ID: 23
Source: SNA Server
Description: Connection Failure
Connection = ConnectionName
Link Service = SNAIP1
Outage Code = 00AE
Event message 4

Event ID: 4097
Source: DrWatson
Description: The application, , generated an application error. The error occurred on Date @ Time. The exception generated was c0000005 at address MemoryAddress (<nosymbols>)

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In Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006 and in Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004, you may notice that some Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (APPC) session requests are sent to an IBM host system over an IP-DLC connection. This behavior occurs even if the specified remote APPC logical unit (LU) for the APPC application or for the Common Programming Interface for Communications (CPI-C) application is not defined.

The expected behavior is that APPC session requests are sent to the IBM host system over one of the host or peer connections that have a remote APPC LU that is defined in SNA Manager.

If an APPC session request is sent over a host or peer connection to an IBM host system that does not have the specified remote APPC LU defined, the IBM host system rejects the session request and sends a BIND-RSP error response.

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Consider the following scenario. You run a web service by using Transaction Integrator (TI) in a Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010 environment. The remote environment is configured to use a CICS LU 6.2 session, and you enable the Allow use of explicit SYNCPOINT commands for non-transactional components property. In this scenario, the transaction may fail, and you receive the following CICS ABEND code: ADPL

=> This fix is already included in the HIS 2010 CU1 Package

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In a Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010 environment, you apply the hotfix that is described in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

2429256  ( ) FIX: An update is available that lets you parameterize Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010 service sockets that have a TCP keep-alive configuration by using registry keys

In this scenario, you may experience a heap corruption problem when you run the SNACFG utility by using various command-line switches such as the following:


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In a Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010 environment, after you configure and save a static IP selection in the user interface for the IP data link connection (IPDLC) link service configuration, the configuration is not saved.

For example, in a system that has a static IP address, you add an IPDLC link service. You select Static IP address, and then you select the desired static IP address in the drop-down list. After you save the setting and reopen the IPDLC link service, you see that the Local Address field is blank.

Additionally, when you view the following registry subkey, the value “2” is assigned as the registry value for AddressType, regardless of the setting changes that you make to the IPDLC link service configuration:


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The IP-DLC link service closes all connections to an IBM mainframe when a WSAENETRESET error is returned to one connection.

You are prompted for a password every time that the SnaBase process starts when you try to connect to a server that is running Host Integration Server 2006 or Host Integration Server 2009 in a non-trusted Windows domain or workgroup.

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Perflib events 1010 and 1017 may be logged if the SNA Server service is stopped when you monitor the SNA performance counters in Host Integration Server 2006, Host Integration Server 2006 SP1, or Host Integration Server 2009.