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Did you know that Host Integration Server 2013 supports IBM DB2 v11 ?

Yes, this is true! You only have to install Host Integration Server 2013 Cumulative Update 2 ! ūüôā


Recently I found a great new feature in DB2 V10 in order to increase the performance and to decrease the CPU Utilization. The feature is called High-Performance DBAT.

In order to activate this feature, you have first to take a look at the MAXDBAT and CONDBAT values which can cause issues if they are set too low. Next you have to do a Rebind Package with the bind option RELEASE(DEALLOCATE).

Please take a look at the following IBM RedBook (first chapter) :

Please also take a look at the Robert’s DB2 blog :¬†

You may encounter bad performance while mass inserting Data into a DB2 Table.

By default, the nagling is enabled on the TCP sockets. This improves overall performance, but it might briefly delay transmission of smaller packets. If the delay is undesirable or unacceptable (like delayed ACK), then you can add this entry to the registry to disable nagling only for the MsDb2 Provider :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Host Integration Server\Data Integration\
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Host Integration Server\Data Integration\

Add the name TcpNoDelay to the subkey, set the data type to the REG_SZ data type, and then set the value to Yes.

For Host Integration Server 2009, you need to install first the following KB : KB978452

For Host Integration Server 2010, 2013, you only need to add the registry entry.

When a table is configure for CCSID 1208 Unicode on the Mainframe DB2 V9, an Insert statement fails with SQLCODE 80 when the data to be inserted are containing special characters like ‘√Ą’.

This issue only happens when the value being inserted fills up the column and contains the special characters.

This is due to the fact that special unicode characters are mapped to more chars exceeding the buffer length.

No Fix is available at this time !

Hope this will be fixed in the next major HIS Release 2013.

In a Microsoft Host Integration Server environment, you run an application to perform distributed transactions that use connection pooling. When you exit the application, an error message is generated by the common language runtime (CLR).

Download Link :

In a Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010 environment, you have the hotfix for the Db2oledb.dll file version 8.0.4308.0 or a later version installed. For example, you have the hotfix that is described in the following article installed:

2465092¬† ( ) FIX: “SQLSTATE: HY000” error occurs when you use Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 v3 to load data in SSIS by using a FastLoad option

If you use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to send an empty string to DB2, you find that incorrect values are written to DB2.

Download Link :

In a Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010 environment, you use the Entity¬†Framework Designer to submit a query against a “DB2 for z/OS” database to create a model. When you use a database schema that contains hundreds of tables, the mainframe computer returns a “SQLCODE – 905” time-out error.

Download Link :

A hotfix is available that adds a new binding option for static queries to DB2 databases in Host Integration Server 2009.

Download Link :

A hotfix is available for Host Integration Server 2009 to support multiple table updates on the send port.

A hotfix is available that improves the DB2 adapter in Host Integration Server 2009 to support DB2 no delay TCP connection feature startup.

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