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The Host Integration Server Product Team finally released the great new Release 2016.
This release confirms the commitment to Microsoft enterprise customers and partners, by delivering a set of new technologies, tools, and improvements.
  • New Microsoft Client for MQ connecting .NET Framework and BizTalk Server applications to IBM MQ message processing systems, providing simplified administration and improved performance.
  • Expanded platform support for latest Microsoft operating systems and development tools, plus support for most popular IBM systems versions, permitting the broadest application support lifecycle for upgraded and new solutions.
  • Improved installation and configuration assisting IT administrators to efficiently deploy new clients and servers, reducing operating expenses and total cost of ownership.
  • New telemetry for improving technologies and tools, by monitoring and reporting connections, operations, and exceptions.
  • New Microsoft Client for DRDA connecting .NET Framework and BizTalk Server applications to IBM DB2 and Informix relational database systems, delivering increased functionality, with improved performance and scalability.
To get started, visit the Microsoft Developer Network to read more about what’s new and improved in Host Integration Server 2016.

Those who thought that BizTalk is dead are completely wrong. Every 2 to 3 years, Microsoft is releasing a fresh new release of BizTalk and Host Integration Server (HIS). Last year at the Integrate Event 2015 in London, the new releases have been announced and now you have the possibility to test out an early preview of both products. HIS (Host Integration Server) is part of BizTalk Server, which are “THE” Microsoft Integration Stack. At this stage, YOU have the possibility to test out the preview and give feedback to the Microsoft Product Team.

BizTalk Server 2016 – What’s new:

Host Integration Server 2016 – What’s new:

Some of the great new features :

  • Microsoft & Third Party Platform Alignment
  • SQL Server Always On Support of BizTalk
  • Native .NET IBM MQ Client
  • and much more

In addition, there will be a great Integration Event in London this year :