If you want to execute more CICS Transactions in one UOW using HIS 2010, be aware that the behavour changed from HIS 2006 to HIS 2010.

In both cases you need to set up a Remote Environment using SyncPoint and you have to use the Distributed Transaction Coordinator.

The important change is that in HIS 2006, the CICS Transactions are executed by default in the same UOW on the Host.

In HIS 2010 you have to use the “Persist Connections” property in the Client Context in order to execute the CICS Transactions in the same UOW.

Be aware that if you migrate (using the TIConverterTool) your TI Objects from HIS 2006 to HIS 2010, the new Client Context (with Persist Connections) is not used ! You need to recreate or resave the TI Objects so that the new Client Context is taken in account !

Important : You need HIS 2010 CU2 in order to get this work 🙂