You have a computer that is running Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006 or Host Integration Server 2004. When you configure the computer to use an IP-DLC link service to communicate with an IBM mainframe, an access violation may occur in the snaipdlc!nba_mm_free function. This problem can occur when a network outage occurs between the Host Integration Server system and the IBM mainframe.

When this problem occurs, the IP-DLC link service cannot reestablish a connection to the IBM mainframe until the SNA Server service (Snaservr.exe) is stopped and restarted.

Additionally, event messages that resemble the following event messages are logged in the Application log:
Event message 1

Event ID: 590
Source: SNA IP-DLC Link Service
Description: Failed to contact a DLUS for PU. Retry count exceeded. PU name = @C000001
Event message 2

Event ID: 624
Source: SNA Server
Description: Creating dump file E:\Host Integration Server\traces\snadump.log for snalink.exe
Event message 3

Event ID: 23
Source: SNA Server
Description: Connection Failure
Connection = ConnectionName
Link Service = SNAIP1
Outage Code = 00AE
Event message 4

Event ID: 4097
Source: DrWatson
Description: The application, , generated an application error. The error occurred on Date @ Time. The exception generated was c0000005 at address MemoryAddress (<nosymbols>)

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