During migration from a previous version of Host Integration Server to 2013 you may encounter some issues because some behaviors have changed.

In case of the Mirror Transaction Id, in previous versions of HIS, you have to specify in the Transaction Integrator a Mirror Transaction Id. There are two defaults MSCS and CSMI. If you have also specified a Mirror Transaction Id in your TI Assembly that you want to use to identity the CICS Transaction on the Mainframe, HIS 2006, 2009, 2010 have always used the value of the TI Assembly.

Now with HIS 2013, there’s no Transaction Integrator and you should use the new Transaction Integration Tool in order to configure the TI Environment. There are 3 scenarios :

  1. mirrorTransactionId=”XXXX” : the result will be “XXXX” on the Host side
  2. you are not using the mirrorTransactionId item : the result will be “CSMI” on the Host side
  3. mirrorTransactionId=”” : the result will be the value of the Mirror Transaction Id from the TI Assembly