The idea of this blog is to provide information about the Host Integration Server 2006.

What is Host Integration Server ?

Microsoft Host Integration Server offers key enabling technologies that allow enterprise organizations to integrate their mission-critical host applications, data sources and security systems with new solutions developed using the Microsoft Windows platform.
In this Blog, I will primary talk about IBM Mainframes (z/OS) using the Host Integration Server.

What can you do with it (Key Freatures) ?

  • Interact with DB2
  • Interact with CICS Transactions (compared to IBM CICS Transaction Gateway “CTG”)
  • Using it as a communcation server for 3270 Emulations (compared to IBM Communication Server)
  • Having a single point of entry for an End-User using Enterprise Single-Sign-On (work with CICS / DB2 / 3270)
  • Accessing VSAM Files on the Mainframe
  • and much more …

How much does it costs (Licensing) ?

Is there a Trial Version available ?

Of course, you can test it for 120 days :